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Hello from Greece

Inviato: ven apr 20, 2012 2:30 pm
da Alpo
Hi to all. My name is Alpo or known  as HACv_kostasalpo . I m the game leader of Hellenic Army Command team . Me and my friends always plays Arma as a combat simulation game from the first version of Arma 1 . We are very cooperative people and we want to play with people with the same attitude.

I have always notice your work , from the mission editing ( BTC logistics scripts) to the full version mission ( Advance and Secure ). Giallustio you have done very good job to your project . I have use a lot of yours scripts for my missions , which by the way work very nice .  

Our Clan Leader  HACv_Whiskey has been working for a long time with a Greek Mod , which has been released in BI Forum the last month (including Greek  units , Mitillini island , Aplion buildings and more ) .

We play coop mission using ACE , and many islands , like Lingor , Fallugah , Namalsk and others.  We can also play and PvP game , with gamemod AAS , ESL , Capture & Hold and sometimes we play Project Reality. Our active members is about 10 ~ 14 people , and we can operate as fire teams.
We have a dedicated server , and we use teamspeak .
Our site

It would be very nice if we can arrange a meeting for our clans , to play whatever mission you want.

                             With respect  

Re: Hello from Greece

Inviato: ven apr 20, 2012 8:46 pm
da Giallustio
Hi Alpo and welcome to our forum!
First of all I appreciate your kind words :) I'm happy that you enjoy my works :)
We play COOP and PvP with ACE and without ACE!
We usually play on Tuesday and Thursday after 22.00...I think we can arrange a game, just pick up a date :)
Kind regards.

Re: Hello from Greece

Inviato: sab apr 21, 2012 2:12 pm
da Alpo
Thank you very much  :)

I ll contact with you the following days in TS for the details.

Thank you again !!  :)

Re: Hello from Greece

Inviato: sab apr 21, 2012 2:44 pm
da Giallustio
Ok then :)
Here the IP of TS:
PWD: btc
I think i'll be online only thursday in this week...I'm on holiday :D By the way you can talk to LordMac, he is our Clan Leader!
Hope to see you soon!

Re: Hello from Greece

Inviato: dom apr 22, 2012 3:30 pm
da LordMac
Hi Alpo, nice to meet you. Thanks for  the compliments on Giallustio's work! I think he really deserves them as you and your clan for the Greek Mod, "To exercise freely our own talent, that's true happiness."  Aριστοτέλης/Aristotele ;).

We are oriented on a tactical/cooperative/mature gameplay style but once in a while we give a shot to pvp too. We have 8-14 active players (it depends on real life needs). We always use hierarchical chain, fireteams, structured gameplay.  We'll be glad to create a coop event with you.

As Giallustio already wrote we have a 14 slot server and ace  lingor mods.

I suggest to choose together a mission, share it in order to give the clans a little overview before the meeting and then play it together. I already have some ideas in mind. Feel free to join our ts whenever you want, if I'm me or Giallustio are ingame poke us.

Looking forward for your reply.
Best Regards