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Real Name:  Jason

Nickname:   Bud pg (SAS.Solid-State.)

Age: 42

OFP & Arma2 OA.  Gaming experience started in 2001 on PC unreal tournament GOTY,(very fast pace shooter, awesome). I played this for many years along with ofp up to buying Arma 2 AO about 1 year ago.
My other favorite games Doom 3 & call of duty ww2 back in about 2004 on PC. Currently console gaming now and then from about 2008 enjoying the quality of gears of war 2 and GTA 4 for fun. :)
Role/s in which you would like to specialize: I like to roll with the M249 TWS machine gun with PDW SD hand gun. Possibly back up medic too.

Free presentation: I like to be a tactical gamer always willing to advance in the prone position giving all areas lots of visuals.
Arma 2 ao is probably my favourite game at the moment, the BTC server plays well with some cool missions  (I must say, I like to have the 3RD person view option guys).
The Budpg tag is really for Insurgency if Im a NATO troop I would use the SAS.Solid-State tag which has been with me since the Unreal Tournament days. Anyway thats enough from me. I have run a few servers in the past (Unreal, OFP and Call of Duty), nice to run the modes you like on there.

Thanks.      8)
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SAS.Solid-State. when playing as NATO.
Bud pg when insurgence.

Explore and appreciate.
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Hi Budpg and welcome in the BTC forum.

Our technical requirements arma 2 and TS. We mainly speack italian ingame even if a few friends of ours are ENG.
I see you playd a lot of FPS (like most of us) but I want to clarify that we play in a very tactical way that may appear slow and boporing to the ones used to play fast. We like the trill of the immersion not the groving number of the kills counter..

Concerning the 3d view, well...absolutely no. As I wrote we like to "simulate" a mission. It involves slow times, waiting times, few kills, logistic, coordination etc.

Our "old" players give the best each time to make the playing enjoiable and so we expect from the newones. NO RAMBO, NO KAMIKAZE, NO LONEWOLVES.

Feel free to join our TS for a match in order to check reciprocal affinity.

Concerning the TAG, please choose just one from 3 to 6 characters.


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Hi Budpg
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Welcome :)
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